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July 23, 2018
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NebraskaView is a consortium of partners interested in facilitating the use of and access to geospatial information. NebraskaView has both institutional and individual partners.

Please take a moment and fill out a partner survey so that we may better serve you.


Partners have opportunities to share data, participate in training, enhance opportunities for research, and partake in other benefits including:

  • Identifying and Accessing Data: NebraskaView staff can help you identify data for meeting your specific needs, and in many cases can help acquire data at little or no cost.

  • Training: NebraskaView staff provide a variety of short courses (1 day to 1 week) and web-based training; courses to suit specialized requirements can be custom-developed.
  • Data Acquisition: NebraskaView can provide aerial imagery custom flown by the CALMIT aircraft program to meet specialized requirements.

  • Research: NebraskaView staff are available to develop collaborative research projects anywhere in the state.

  • Visiting Scientists Program: NebraskaView partners can arrange for on-site visits at CALMIT ranging from 1 day to several months. NebraskaView will provide office space, and complete access to staff and facilities for the duration of the visit.

  • NebraskaView Outreach Program: NebraskaView staff can visit partners for training, lectures or consulting.


For additional details, contact us.


Current Partners include:

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